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Saturday & Sunday, August 19 & 20, 2006
Prince of Taiji of China and the World: Chen Si Tan
8- & 24-Forms Taiji Quan Seminar
And Taiji Quan's Application

Chen SiTan

Chen SiTan
  • Host of Many Instructional Taijiquan and Taiji Sword Videos in China.
  • Honored as the BEST Taiji professional athlete and the PRINCE of Taiji in China and the World.
  • Winner of over 32 Gold medals in the All China National Games (held every 4 years), the Asian Games, and many International Taiji/Wushu Championships.
  • The most awarded Taiji Champions in China's Taiji history ( .
  • Professional Taiji and Wushu Coach.
  • The most graceful and powerful male Taiji athlete in the world!
  • * Be sure to read his Interview!

Saturday & Sunday; 8/19 & 20/ 2006 9am -11:30am, 2-4:30pm (with lunch break), Saturday Lecture: 7pm-8:30pm

Don't miss this rare opportunity to train with one of China's top Taiji coaches, the Prince of Taiji: Chen SiTan! Chen SiTan will teach 8-form and 24-form Taiji, two forms that are easy to learn and excellent for beginners; this seminar will also give advanced students better knowledge and deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Taiji. Step by step, move by move, instructions and applications will be fully explained in this special two-day seminar. Welcome all.

Lecture: This year's lecture will be on the origins of Taiji, its development, its health benefits, the yin yang theory, and essential rules & techniques of learning and practicing Taiji with grace and strength. There will also be a question-and-answer session.

Lecture only: $25.
One day's seminar $150 (including lecture).
Full 2-day seminar and lecture $230.

Space is limited. Make reservations at the JING Institute: (858) 578-8267,
Address: 8666 Commerce Ave., San Diego, CA 92121 (click for directions)

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