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San Diego Martial Arts, Gongfu, Wushu, Tai Chi School – JING is the best! San Diego Martial Arts instructors - JING has the professional Jiangxi Wushu Team Champion and the Queen and Princess of Taiji. San Diego Martial Arts environment - JING is the friendliest, largest, most powerful and “most beautiful” San Diego Chinese Martial Arts, Gongfu school you can ever find. In San Diego, no other Martial Arts school can give you the Gongfu & taiji quality that will qualify you to the World Wushu Championships & the 2008 Olympics or the Best and Natural Healing Arts that really work for your body. JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts is the ONE AND ONLY ONE in San Diego.

What We Teach.

Siu-Fong with her master Li Deyin, Mrs. Li (Fang Mishou), Master Cui Zhongsan, friend from Henan Zhou Xiaoying, friend from Shanghai Hu Peili and Lee Siu Hong at Nick Scrima's International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament, Orlando on July 3-5, 2004. Pictures were taken on the Masters' Performing Night and in the hotel

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